AGGB's Alter Me

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AGGB's Alter Me

Post by AdminShel on Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:07 pm

[size=32]PRIZE:  Collection Set x2[/size]
Change the SIX-LETTER Word!
The object of this game is 'alter' the word.
We will give a word to start you of.
The next member then either makes a
new word out of it by re-arranging it,
 or if they cannot get a new word from it,
they  can take one letter away and add
a new letter in it's place to form a word.
The next member then carries this on etc. 
In extreme circumstances,  where
nothing works, you may change TWO letters. 
An Admin will pop in and randomly award
a member to win.
The starting word is:
[size=48]OPTION [/size]

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